Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is my little black painting book where I jot down all of my findings. When I undertake another era I spend a good few weeks researching and experimenting with colours before I am happy to start. These two pages tell me everything I need to know about painting 1944 British. Some of the notes may be hard to understand so I will explain them.
Foundry do actually make a British uniform colour scheme now, but I found it a bit too reddish for my liking, so I stuck to my own findings. For my Uniform I base coat with Tamiya 'Khaki Drab', mid-tone is Foundry's 'Drab' and highlight Coat de arms 'British Khaki'.

If I can I try to keep all colours straight from the pot to increase painting speed. This does take a little time to source though. I hope my rough scribbles can help other painters thinking of starting up a British Platoon.


Consul said...

Thanks for posting this! It will certainly make a useful starting point for me (although i'm painting some Artizan British Paras it atleast gives me a rough idea about where to start!)

Thanks again.

Timothy Burke said...

Thanks for the idea, I keep a log on my computer but the effort to update it and keep the color notes current is a losing battle. A notebook makes such perfect sense, and I like the Ludditeness of the idea.



Nooooo..... It just allows you to forget more if you have written it down.

inrepose said...

Great choice of colour and nice final work. Good idea on keeping a note to repeat in the future. I am always trying to remember past technique. said...

You have done terrific research on the soldier and it is an exact replica. The 1944 British soldier looked the same. I am happy to know that you have taken into consideration your research rather than the popular belief.