Friday, October 30, 2009

Battle Rage!

Release the Boar!!!! This Ancient German calls on the Old Gods to help him avenge his slaughtered village.

Happy Halloween Iron Mitteners.


Andrew said...

Very spooky. Love it.

Secundus said...

This illustration came about with my experimenting in Photoshop. Drawing shapes with the lasso tool and them filling them. I was pleased with the result and may do more.

Consul said...

Nice drawing!

Secundus, I suggest you check out the video I've just posted on my blog. I can imagine you doing this when you were a lad (even now perhaps!)

Secundus said...

I still play with stick guns and dress up in Military equipment so I total get the film. The bit about finding an enemy camp was very true and rang a bell or two, thanks I really enjoyed it, I will have to show the rest of the Kings Wood Militia the video.