Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Elven Standards

 Here is another Elven standard to go on the command base.
 WIP standard, I thought it best to paint something twirly on it rather than leave it plain green.
 I like the idea of long Elf standards and this new one is very long, I think it works and should look good fluttering over the heads of the rank and file. This double 'flagger' marks the army command base and should be easy to spot, although the commander himself is yet to be painted.

 Working out the new Elf shield was a challenge, but I decided to go for an all silver shield taken from the 'lay of Gilgalad'.
Sad I know but I sing this to my little boy each night, it's the only song which makes him fall straight to sleep. I sang him 'seek for the sword that was broken' the other night and It woke him up again. Stick to Elven songs for lullaby's you know it makes sense.
The last of the banner bearers, soon they will be gone to return no more.


tim said...

Those are stunningly beautiful! I will be back here for inspiration when I get back to painting elves.

Secundus said...

Lol it's nice to return the favour Tim! It was your blog that inspired my Fantasy revival and your basing I thought was excellent. I'm now a 60x60mm convert and am even thinking of going bigger.

Millsy said...

Very nice indeed sir!

thiet ke nha dep said...

Nice work

thiet ke nha dep
thiet ke nha xinh
tu quan ao gia re

turkce-dublaj-film-izle said...
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Unknown said...

I am so glad that I found your blog again! I had lost the name during my move four years ago and just today stumbled on it again! Simply love your artwork as well as your minis.

Happy that you are still in the game.



Dorothy said...

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