Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Orc Command Base

 Here we see a follow on from the Goblin base, only this time the stone from the garden is a lot bigger. I have taken to keeping an eye out for any weird and wonderful stones on my travels with basing in mind. This one was a case in point, I saw the sharp point and thought it would make a great overhanging rock for a figure.

 Do you want a hand with that shield?
 The join was covered using 'Greenstuff' again which i sculpted using another stone to imprint the putty and make stone marks. I will also add grass and tufts to help blend the two together. It took a bit of time but as he is my new Bolg figure and it should all be worth it.
You can really see the sponge weathering on his axe, I will defiantly be using the technique again. It's made for orcs and their equipment...very orcy.


BigRedBat said...

He's very nice! I like the idea of him standing on the big rock, he'll be hard to miss (especially by the Elven archers!). You must come down for a game when they are all done.

Unknown said...

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