Monday, September 07, 2015

Reaper Bones Review

The red eye of Sauron sees all...

 Although I haven't found time to blog over the last few months, I have found time to paint 'thank the maker'. So tonight I will rush through about three months worth of progress and share some things learnt on my merry jounery.

Firstly, I have been messing around with Reaper Bones mini's, I saw some on eBay and thought I would give them a whirl. The mini's didn't look great and their light weight and bendy nature at first put me off.

However, the true strength of these figures are their cheap price, It's the difference between getting six goblins or getting twelve. Of course you usually need buckets of the critters so a good sculpt for half the price isn't bad.

 They also mix in quite well with other makes and once painted and based, you can't tell they are not lead.

The real advantage of Reaper Bones figures did not hit me until I had started painting them, they bend easily and can be twisted into different positions. Also with a sharp knife you can swap limbs to make your own designs. Add all this with a box of plastic orc bits and the sky is the limit. I used some spare heads from War games Factory Orcs to make some variety in the group. All this was great fun and very addictive.

A week later I came across some larger Orcs at Campaign in Milton Keynes. These figures in metal were out of my price range before, but these Polymer figures were £2 a pack. I managed to get enough for a troop of berserkers.

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