Saturday, April 25, 2009

Broken unit markers

I created these bases to act as markers for when a unit is destroyed and removed in battle. The only trouble is, that with so many figures on the board I always forget to use them. Next time I promise.
They were great fun to make and are very effective. They are made from 1st Corps debris, Foundry casualties and a few gripping Beast minis.


Msoong said...

That figure on the floor looking up is just AWESOME!

Almost Anonymous said...

Those markers are a great idea! What are their dimensions?


BigRedBat said...

Yes those look fantastic! I have some casualty markers, but nothing like those. Great idea; will have to nick it!

I've always thought it would be nice to have some "routers" markers; running minis, throwing their shields away.

Almost Anonymous said...

Great idea, BRB. Running Warlord Celts would be great for Celtic routers!


Scutatus said...

Very effective Si. And they have been put to great use in your "Hollywood" dioramas below. Very well done.