Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rough ground for Skirmishers


BigRedBat said...

You've been at the silflor, again! Very nice.

Secundus said...

Yeah thanks for the tip off and contact details BRB.

When I first heard about them I thought I could achieve the same effect by cutting down some model 'long grass', but these ready made tufts are a god send when It comes to time. I must have completed this big tray of figures in about thirty mins, really quick. In the end and after a day of hard thought, I repainted the 'summer' tufts to make them a bit lighter. I found the best shade of green for me was the Autumn shade. The 'Winter' shade is good for the desert bases.

Almost Anonymous said...

Nice work, as always! How many packs of silflor did you go through in doing these?


Secundus said...

I bought a special offer pack for about £17 which had sheets of all four seasons in it.
A good deal indeed. I would say I've used about a quarter of most sheets. Mostly the Autumn and Winter sheets. I will be buying more that much I do know.

airhead said...

Love the woaded up poney, from earlier post, great idea.

eddie harrison said...

Hey Secundus.
In the second photo, where did you get the cloaked figures from in the top left?

Also, I think you should do a step by step painting guide for a Roman and a Celt for those just starting out with their armies!

Thank you for your help in advance.

Secundus said...

I like to use a lot of common sense when it comes to painting up miniatures and puting the woad on the pony was one of them. I have never seen it done before, but to me It just made sense.

Knowing how much prestige horses carried in the Celtic world, they would surely want their gods to protect them in battle, just like a valued warrior.
Also I thought about the Native Americans and how they also painted themselves and their mounts with warpaint. It just seemed to be common sense to me that the Celts would have done the same.
I won't be painting all my Celtic cavalry in this fashion but one or two in a unit would look good I think.

Secundus said...

Hi Eddie, that figure is from a Foundry pack of Imperial Romans (Emperor Trajan pack). I think he's meant to be a Praetorian Guard but he works well as a Roman officer in charge of my slingers.
Hope this helps.

Be warned though, the days of cheap Foundry prices are well behind us now.

Scutatus said...

I know first hand just how many skirmishers and lights you have Si. That's an astounding amount of work. My flabber is well and truly ghasted.

Very effective. They look fantastic. :D