Saturday, April 25, 2009

Praetorian Cohort

These figures are Foundry with a couple of Gripping Beast command thrown in.

I like this unit a lot the only trouble is I never got to field it. In the Campaign we have created the rule that whoever controls Rome can use the unit in his army free of points. Controlling Rome does have its perks.

The shields were tricky but worth it.


Scutatus said...

They certainly were worth it. The shields - the figures- look fantastic. I love the look of these Praetorians, straight off the cover of WAB's AoA book.

You and I both know that Rome - or at least Italia - should already have been attacked and that these Praetorians should indeed have seen battle before now. But worry not, I'm sure it will happen soon, once the procrastinating ends.

Scutatus said...

These are another set of brilliant "almost real" photos by the way. Fantastic. We could be watching a movie.

You've really got the knack of using the light Si.