Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celtic Skirmishers

Here is another quickly painted unit of Celtic Skirmishers. I used the excuse of painting some more fantastic Warlord Games plastic celts to produce another unit.
The Noble is mounted on a small native pony to keep pace with his mobile force of javelin men.
Tufts of grass from Silflor Models were added to their bases to give the effect of rough terrain.

I liked the effect so much, I decided to go through my entire collection of Skirmish troops and do the same.


Almost Anonymous said...

Nice unit! How did you base the noble and musician? It looks as though they can be separated, and the overall base appears "L"-shaped.

Secundus said...

No I'm afraid It's just a GW monster base (the smaller one). I gave the command a bigger base to fit the horse and to add to the illusion of being spread out in skirmish formation. They won't be entering hand to hand so I didn't worry too much about matching the frontage of other bases.