Saturday, April 25, 2009

Conscripted Gladiators

One of my favourite units and full of character. These Gladiators have had of most of their heavy, clumsy gladiatorial equipment replaced by army stocks before entering the field.
I like their modest brown shields with hints of their previous occupation painted on them.
A special rule has been created for Phobius, the giant Gladiator in the front rank...he causes fear in other units. This is just a bit of fun to add further character to the game.

1 comment:

Scutatus said...

Phobius! Noooo! Run awaaaaay!

hehehe, I do like Phobius.

Lol, I love that ruling, it gives this unit of Gladiators such character. ( I also love that I was partly responsible for making the rule - thanks Si).

One of the things that I love about WAB is the personality that one can put into it. Makes the game interesting.