Saturday, May 15, 2021

Cracking on with the Union


Time to finish this little project that has been cluttering up my already cluttered work space. Again cracking through them by blocking in the colours and then using Army Painter strong tone to shade them.

Working from a black undercoat, dry brush the black equipment and metal work. Then block in the colours. Add a little weathering on the trousers and equipment and paint on the Dip with a brush. These big armies just need numbers really, so I’m not too fussed about the quality, although quantity has its own quality in the case of the ACW.
Steve Barber Union troops with a few other makes sprinkled in for good measure.
I’ve touched up the nose and cheek bones on these Dipped figures as I think the flesh can go rather dull after the staining process, but it’s nice and quick to crack through the unit.

Officer from the now very quite Renegade miniatures...I think they might have closed down. I know they went crazy selling off huge mountains of lead ranges, but I fear it might of sunk them. Well, that’s where 80% of my ECW figures came from back in 2010. I also picked up a large amount of ACW stuff as well come to think of it.
Part of the new batch gets blocked in. I add one highlight to the blue sack coat and kepi but just use one colour on the trousers. The earth brown mud weathering around the ankles and knees does a lot, so I don’t bother to highlight them. Nice and quick.
A bit of time has passed and a new batch has been dipped. This second lot finishes off the packet from Steve Barber I got back in 2014.

Keep them coming!


Codsticker said...

I like the dirt and mud on the trousers- very nice effect.

Prufrock said...

Very effective.

Secundus said...

Thanks, the mud saves in a highlight so it really helps with churning them out.

Secundus said...

Thank you.