Friday, May 14, 2021

Creating very good Iron Brigade figures

I have been collecting Iron Brigade figures for over twenty years and really have too many now. However, when I see the chance of creating fantastic new Iron Brigade figures I go for it. 
These new guys are made from Frock coated advancing figures from 1st corps with Iron Brigade heads from Steve Barber miniatures. The variety of poses is great and should really improve the units. I was so impressed I ordered some frock coated firing line too.
Steve Barber, 1st corps, crusader miniatures, Redoubt, 1st Corps, Renegade miniatures, 1st Corps. As you can see the 1st corps stuff are on the larger side of 28mm and a good fit for Redoubt and Renegade miniatures.
The Steve Barber heads are perfect for these figures and I like the fact that many of them have the rims turned down, giving a real nice campaign look.
The actual Iron Brigade from 1st Corps have rather limited running positions so these figures will really help with the look of the regiments in line. Recommended!

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