Thursday, June 10, 2021

Perry’s preprinted Bryan house barn.

It’s my 50th Birthday Yaaaay!  Well, what better way to celebrate than the investing in old property and I mean old. 18th century to be exact.

This beautiful barn is pre- painted model from the Perry miniatures stable, I doubt they sculpted it but it’s in their shop in the pre-painted section. It’s not cheap being £50 with £7 postage. I was put off by this for a long time but when the big  50 came along I thought to hell with it.

I’ve always wanted one of these big barns for my games as they seem to scream Gettysburg, with good reason too as this is the Bryan barn of said battle. I suppose really you should class it as 20mm but it stills looks great with 28mm figures.

It’s a good size and should dwarf other resin building on the table. 

There is a new company that has just started to make 28mm Gettysburg building in MDF and they look like they will be even larger. The bonus with these is the roofs can come off and the doors move, however you can’t beat the realism of a well sculpted resin model. 

I will no doubt start to collect this new Gettysburg MDF range as they do look very good.Also, they have designed all the classic little farm stead’s that dotted the battle ground, which will allow you to play games set in particular areas.

The ground has been left brown I suppose so you can flock it yourself and add finishing touches. The paint job is wargames standard and could do with a touching up. However, it’s good enough for a game as is no problem. The only thing I was a little disappointed with is that it’s not as white as on the website. This is something that is easily seen too, while I’m doing it I will dig out my other ACW building and improve them as well.

Years ago I was all about the figures and painting scenery was a chore, but now I’m older I have changed my ways. A nice set piece in the middle of a battle field can really make a game.

A snap shot of the model on the Perry’s website, a lot whiter and closer to the real thing.
Rufus Dawes approaches the barn to access the threat level.

Nice detailing. It’s a shame they only sell it as a painted product, could of saved myself some money, but hey it’s my birthday and I’ve been watching this barn for a long time. Hang it all I’m in!


The barn as it was and how it is today…


Phil Curran said...

Happy Birthday beardling!

Secundus said...

Haha thanks Phil.

caveadsum1471 said...

Happy birthday! Nice barn!
Best Iain