Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Wolf Riders in Dark Tone Dip

Every day I try and get three of these guys done. The actual wolves are very easy to do and it feels good to get some paint on these very old figures. 

Above, the troll skin cloak made by pressing a retractable pencil into green stuff gets some paint. I think it looks good and is a nice change from fur.

So here we go, the first of the first batch to get a matt varnish. I painted these first wolves very dark and the later ones with more highlights worked better with the Dip. Still, happy with the end result.

Here is one of my original wolves bought back in 1984, it’s great to get these repainted and in my army. It also saves me a fortune.

Some of these have severed heads on them from my old figures, it’s like looking back at my misspent teenage years.

This new Wolf production line is creating a unit very quickly. I’m tempted to order another box of Wolf riders from North Star as these have been fun to do. They are going to cause absolute hell for the men of Lake town on the flanks.

The Battle of the Five armies started with a skirmish line of men luring a strong unit of Wolf riders into the valley of Dale. It was the vanguard of the army of Bolg, they quickly overcame the human skirmishers and rushed into the valley, the main army followed them and the ambush was sprung.

I like this orc, his head is actually one from the Frostgrave Demon box with the horns cut off. It works very well for an orc.
This standard bearer has been matt varnished but a good tip is to leave the tongue and teeth. This leaves them very glossy and wet looking.
The leader of the pack finally finds a mount. I built up his shoulders by adding a huge Beorning fur cloak. It helped to bulk him out and he looks a lot bigger than the others. I also selected the biggest Wolf to mount him on. He also carries a Dwarf shield adding insult to injury.

So a day has passed and the nasty looking Wolf riders are now based up. I based some three to a base so it gives a nice five figure frontage for Oathmark. I also added a few spare lesser wolves to the commanders base, just to give the idea of a pack type unit.

I’ve made up the last few plastic riders I had to create a third rank.I’ll need to put some more green stuff cloaks on these guys too.


roma912 said...

Superb! I have a good few of those wolf riders and you have just given them a reason to be rejuvenated from the lead pile. Also picked up circa 1984 too

Cheers, Ross

Rob said...

I think these vintage wolves look just great. They really are so much more 'Hobbitesque' than many modern figures, especially the Games Workshop Giant Hyenas.