Sunday, June 13, 2021

Trying Dark Tone on Orcs

I had such an easy time painting up the men of Lake Town with Strong tone dip, I thought I would try Dark tone on a few orcs I had lying around. These aren’t dry yet but already I think they’re going to look fine. I think I prefer the end result to washes, hard to put my finger on it but I just like the look better.

There’s a nice feeling and excitement when you finally get to brush on the dip and see it change the model underneath. Subtle colours that are just hints, suddenly come into their own. I’m becoming a full time dipper I think, the sight of finished units is proving very good for the sole.

These ‘Peter Jackson’ style shields were found on eBay. They are 3D printed and popped up when I typed in orc shields. They had print lines but seem to be fine once painted up.

Let’s just wait and see what these look like when matt varnished.



Aly Morrison said...

They have turned out rather well…

If it was me I would probably leave them shiny… but of course I like shiny toy soldiers 😁

All the best. Aly

Secundus said...

I know what you mean Aly, I do like the glossy look too, very old school.

George Duff said...

Still the best orcs. Nice.

caveadsum1471 said...

Great looking orcs,nice effect with the dip!
Best Iain