Friday, August 19, 2022

Medbury Miniatures

After being impressed with the look of these sculpts I ordered some more. I have to say the figures are glorious and have a very Tolkien feel to them.
This wolf rider had his blade snap off, so I replaced his whole hand with that of a plastic Goblin.
My big worry though is the Eco plant based resin is very brittle and snaps very easily. Every order has arrived damaged, even though they are very well packaged. This axeman lost his axe while being dry brushed. The idea of these in a Wargames table fills me with dread.
To help strengthen the resin I coated the thin blades and shafts with super glue. This gives it a very nice Orc feel when dry brushed. The axe was replaced with a Goblin sword, making sure I put as much surface of the hilt onto the resin hand for strength.

 This Orc arrived with no mace, but a blob of super glue soon fixed that. These figures look great when painted and have a brilliant feel to them. However, I will have to make sure they are tucked away from the edges of my bases for fear of damage. The tall standard will be another story, let's hope the super glue holds it together. The extra glue actually looks quite good on the shaft and makes it look a bit more like a tree branch.

UPDATE: A new package has just arrived, let's open it together.

I think the best thing to do with these is to replace the whole hand. The Oathmark Goblin sets have a wealth of options. Maybe a spear would be good.

The weapon replacement is annoying but the sculpts are still very good.

Right, so I ended up swoppng the hand of one with a Oathmark Dwarf, the other I went for a complete arm swop. The last figure I just made sure his sword was coated with Super glue to make it more robust.

I also added a quiver of arrows from the Dwarf sprue just to add some variety.

Lastly a bow was added from the Warlord Games Orc sprue.

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