Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Painting Black Uruks

These Black Uruks have been painted using a Dark Elf paint triad from Reaper miniatures. The second, midtone colour is perfect for a black wash.
These were painted quite dark but we're also given a Dark tone wash from Army Painter dip.
These large Orcs are a mixture of Ral Partha and Reaper miniatures, they are obviously sculpted by the same artist, Bob Olly, which is pretty handy.
I have been collecting these big powerful Orcs for sometime. It's nice to finally break them out and make up units of them.

This guy is a new thing for me, a digital 3D sculpt Orc from eBay, they are quite fragile but very nice sculpts. I love the helmets! The chainmail is particularly good.
After the Orc is painted with the Dark Elf paint, a really nice tip is to dry brush them with a light, sandy brown. This really helps to pick out the details and give a very nice natural skin look. The Dark dip also helps to tie everything together. I dry brush the entire model like this, it also helps weather the dark clothes and armour 

This guy above is carrying a crude shield, created using blobs of gel superglue.

Another printed Orc from eBay, I'm am quite taken with these.

A Rings of Power Orc.



Mr Ballista said...

Those Ral Partha orcs are top - I had a flashback of reading Warlock of Firetop Mountain as a kid. I do like the slightly comical look of the Kev Adams style but Orcs that actually look scary are pleasingly old school.

Secundus said...

The Bob Olly orcs are really nice. They do have a style of their own and are definitely a bit creepy. Perfect for foul folk.