Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Autobot Alternative Modes

Having played a game now and found uses for the vehicle modes, it's time to create some Autobots. These Alt modes will be used when a unit 'goes to ground', giving them more cover and hence a better defence roll.
However, even though the bots have transformed into vehicle mode they still need to look like they are fighting. So some weaponry was needed. They have taken on a 'Michael Bay' film look rather than the cartoon, but at least they look like they're fighting back.
These vehicles are tiny N scale resin models, so the weapons had to be scratch built. It's another lesson in keeping everything and throw it in the bit box. Even the tiny screws that used to keep the wheels on the Micro machines, make for great little gun barrels.
These vehicles have got to look like they can hold their own against fighter planes ( the Seekers), so the weaponry has to look quite meaty and oversized. A lot of these were created from bits of old sprue and brush bristles.
The larger truck types with room to spare were given large, powerful cannons. While the sports car bots were given smaller guns to match their sleek look.

A great use for a tiny screw from the Micro.machines. A good choice was creating panels in the roof that looks like they have opened. These will look good when painted up.
Rather than mess around with the bases, I've decided to score them with panel lines. Let's see if this works...

This is Landslide, my friends car. The figure carries a huge missile array, so the vehicle mode had to echo that. A plastic tool box from the Gaslands sprue worked well for an open canopy.

This started off as Prime, but after I added some huge guns, it became Ultra Magnus.

 Magnus combines with his trailer and cab to become the finished bot mode. I'm really pleased with this model as it gives the brave warrior a road form, something I hadn't really thought possible before. Prime will just be the cab without the guns.
I will add some extra bits to bulk him out a bit more too.
These larger vans I covered in armour with more weaponry. I thought with more room in the caboose you could carry more guns. So these awkward looking vehicles ended up being war wagons.

Ratchet and Ironhide roll into battle. Luckily I had two van models the same. Ratchet, only has a side arm whereas Ironhide has his classic cannon from the cartoon.

Greenbug my little Golf car of many years, gets her own vehicle mode. She's not massive so only sports a modest weapon pod, Just enough to ruin some Decepticon's day.

Autobots roll out! The motley gang of Cybertronic vehicles follow Magnus.

These tiny cars are a perfect size next to the Micro machine tanks.

 Ironhide lives up to his name with his extra panel armour. As a kind of half way house, I have tried to give the Earth vehicles a bit of a sci-fi feel with the added details.

A gunned up Autobot from the recent Michael Bay films.

Update: The vehicles have been gaining some extra bits and bobs. Magnus is looking better and more substantial for a big bot.

This model has worked out really well and definitely has a warrior feel to it.

I quite like the voids left in this design, they echo the car transporter of Magnus' alt mode.

This weird looking van has been named 'Flakback'. It seems to sum up this stretched out Ironhide.

A new pack of resin guns add a new depth to the detailing. Making weapons is fun but you can't beat sculpted ones.
Another van packing some punch, I'm tempted to call this one 'war wagon". He's sacrificed his aerodynamic lines for some crude armour plating.

Update: Greenbug rolls out. My little Golf of many years joins the fight.

She is only small by Bot standards but she can pack a punch!


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Neat, I thought they were for Gaslands at first glance!


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