Tuesday, April 02, 2024

Creating Inferior Billmen

After a Lifetime of kit bashing hordes of orcs and Elves, I am left with quite a few unused torsos. These padded torsos from Fireforge, aren't too far away from the WOTR ones. I thought they could used as out dated equipment supplied to a town militia, garrison or old soldiers from the continent. Either way the poor quality of protection makes them perfect for a hastily raised Array. 
Aswell as spare torsos from the Fire forge Sargents box, there are also weapons. I had great fun mixing these with Perry WOTR torsos to create even more variety. I think the main thing is to use the Perry heads to tie it to the WOTR period. Spears have been used to make up for the lack of bills in this ad-hoc company.

A Fire forge torso with Perry arms and head. A Perry sword has also been added to fill up the belt area.
It's a bit of a double win for me, because Elves and Orcs look better in the scale mail. This leaves the padded armour torsos on the sprue, which means there are loads going to waste. This project has come along and been able to use them which is great.
When looking to create an inferior Array, I looked at the light armoured Billmen from Athena miniatures. However. On giving them a closer look, they are armoured the same as the Perry box plastics. They are nice miniatures and a good bit of variety for the range, but not really that lightly armoured. I think they are called this because they do a plate armoured Heavy Billmen too.
A determined militiaman marches to war.

This is probably my favourite figure, he looks like a real leader of the lower classes. He reminds me of the character Robin of Redesdale, so these poorly armed men could also act as good rebel figures too.
A slightly better equipped soldier fights with an axe. The arms and weapon are from the Perry's Hundred years war, plastic French box.
Garrison duty was easy compared to this malarkey, they aren't paying me enough!
Fireforge arms with the spear.
When choosing the Perry torsos for this company, I tried to not select the armoured or livery coated ones, nothing too fancy.

The coward. To help give the impression of an inferior Array, I've modelled this scared character to put at the back. This is a visual clue that this company hasn't got the best morale on the field.
Robin of Redesdale again, the buckler comes from the French box set, while his sword arm is from the Fireforge Sargent box.

 This torso is a Frenchmen from the HYW, his arms are from the Fireforge box. He has a Perry WOTR head to tie him back into the unit. This guy is a veteran from the continent, now that France is no longer a safe place to be.

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Donnie McGibbon said...

Inferior in name only!! ome top notch kit bashing there, reall looking forward to seeing them painted up.