Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Forlorn Hope Bases

 It took a lot of messing around swapping figures from base to base but finally I settled on these arrangements. I’m glad I managed to fit six figures on the base as it fits better with a lot of rule systems and looks more like a tight knot of men.

I did mess up the matte varnish as there is a slight frosting effect on some of the figures. It turns out the hair dryer technique isn’t fool proof after all. It all part of the learning progress.
 One of the bases is a skirmish line advancing with a officer directing fire. The other base is more dynamic, a group of men, who, running low on shotte have been ordered to fall on with swords and club musket. There are a few little touches still to be done but I think they worked out okay.

Run away! A group of die hards get caught in the open and break for cover.


Mr Ballista said...

They look terrific - each one a little diorama - well done!

Viluir said...

Woah! I love Blood and Plunder minis! They're great in pose and detail.