Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Archers of Lake Town WIP

I have also dug out a few old citadel figures that seem to fit the Esgaroth look. The metal guy above is an old citadel fighter, his studded leather jerkin fits right in, as does his long sword.
I thought the men of Esgaroth should have a unit of bowmen in the battle. Luckily there are enough bow arms on the various plastic kits to put together a small force. I think a good force for Lake Town would be two units of 20 soldiers and 10 archers for the Oathmark rules.
I thought I would try something different for these new guys, fancy edges on the hoods. These were easy to do and looked good, they will help add variety to the units. 

I think the trick to getting better at using this green stuff is all about pushing yourself and actually, these little additions were no problem at all.

Frost grave soldier arms with bows added some nice longer bows into the mix. The Frost grave set also adds some nice extra bits and bobs to the Lake Town look, like coils of rope etc.
Oathmark plastic body mixed with a Fire forge Scandinavian set. I think this guy will be a guard of the banner bearer.

Frost grave soldiers again but with Oathmark bow arms.

Pole arm from Fire forge set, this is handy because the Oathmark set doesn’t come with any two handed weapons.


Ray Rousell said...

Nice conversion work!

seoexpert said...

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joe5mc said...

Really enjoying this Laketown series!

caveadsum1471 said...

You're really exploiting the conversion potential of all these plastic kits,lovely work!
Best Iain

Codsticker said...

Nice kit bashing and green stuff work.

Mr Ballista said...

Inspiring stuff, as usual!