Saturday, June 03, 2023

Black Uruk Captain

This giant Black Uruk will lead the new units into battle. He also claims to be the king of Moria... although that is up for debate.
His dark flesh is actually the Dark elf triad paints from Reaper. I like the colour especially when washed with Dark tone Dip.

He also has a few grizzly retainers that with pack out his command base.

These guards have been given the Dark elf skin tones from Reaper. They even carry a bit of red in their livery rather than the black of other units. This Chieftain obviously has delosions of grandeur, nothing a sharp axe can't fix.

 I think this great orc would make a good Azog character too.
UPDATE: A red flag! The standard of Moria combines the slit eye of Mordor and the horns of the Balrog. Well, that's the idea anyway.
The horns also create the eye shape of Mordor too.

These latest figures are from Gremlin miniatures. They are crudely sculpted but they have a lot of nostalgia for me. I remember buying a few of these back in the late Eighties.

In all my many orc standards, I haven't painted a solid red one before... Moria loves to be different from the others!
UPDATE: The base is almost finished now. This new king of Moria carries two standards because of his rank.


Phil Curran said...

Great stuff as always.

Rob D said...

Great job. Never have to many Uruks :)

James said...

Fantastic job!