Friday, December 08, 2023

Autobot Prowl

This model is a diecast figure from a collectors set. The models come coated in thick enamel paint, however once stripped, there is quite good detail underneath.

The real bonus for me though, is a lot of the Autobots scale perfectly with my other models. Here we can see Skywarp in the background.

Prowl is the man with the plan when it comes to tactics. Prowl is a classic and the Autobot symbol was based on his face too. 
This colour scheme is based on Prowl from the Netflix series, with his Cybertronic writing on his doors.

UPDATE: After some thought I couldn't resist painting him in his original Generation one colour scheme. It just made more sense as the model depicts him from this era.

I used a fine point pen to add detail. Also I played around with varnishes, gloss for the metal and Matt for the tires and the back of the doors.

These diecast figures tie in lovely with the pvc keyrings I found to create the Autobot forces.

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