Saturday, December 02, 2023

The Terrifying Huron take the dip.

My first batch of Woodland Indians, the Huron. These lovely minis are from Galloping Major and are beautiful. It almost seems a shame to use the Army Painter stain on them, but it will keep them damage free when gaming.
I think my blue warpaint may be a little on the light side but who's to say. At least it will make them pop on the table.
I ended up using the box art from the Warlord Games plastic set as reference for the warpaint. I really enjoyed adding the details on the belts and equipment, My 0.05 permanent pens proved very useful again.

I made sure to add some skin colour on his hands to show the warpaint rubbing off.

I used Black Templar contrast paint watered down to create the charcoal warpaint. I think it worked okay as the skin beneath comes through.

 As for skin colour I used a range of paints. Bugman's glow from GW, get used a lot by painters, so I used this as well as the Foundry Native American paints. Once an ink was added to shade the skin, I highlighted the skin back with Bugman's glow.

The Dark tone dip hasn't darkened the colours too much. Once Matt varnished they should look okay.

UPDATE: I decided to tweak these guys a bit as I'm not convinced with the blue. In all my references for Woodland Indians, I can't find any blue warpaint.
I think the way to use the reference on the warlord games box, is to swop out the blue for black paint. Use the box to copy the patterns but not the colours. Black and red are the way to go.


Simon said...

I like the Galloping Major Old West dismounted cavalry and Apaches.

Phil Curran said...

Very impressive. I'm using the Huron schemes on my orcs!!

Secundus said...

Terrifying, that makes a lot of sense.