Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Inner Sanctum

These are some shots I took about three weeks ago. At the very start of my Blog, I posted a picture of my cabinet as it was, so I thought I'd better post an update of what it looks like now. I've had to add three more shelves since back then, to house my ever growing Roman collection and my other eras have had to take a back seat for a while, until I have finished with the Romans.
At some point I am looking forward to returning and expanding my Waterloo range. The cherry on the cake being, the start of the British forces....I can't wait. Also, I have a large collection of Celts I am looking forward to finishing.

With the Roman campaign well under way now, the next job is to finally start to work out the points for each unit and army, for the wargaming. This will be a big job and one that I will have to set a weekend aside for. However, my friend has sent me a list of troop values he found on the Inter-net, which cover just about every troop type I can think of and one that will save me hours of work. It even includes some I thought I'd have to make up, like those of the Batavians for example.
This room has become abit of a shrine for me and one that I have come to spend hours in. Once you've painted a unit, It captures alot more than just the colours from a book, times and dates and locations are also captured and for the painter, it can be like a diary spanning back years and years and years. Woo...too deep, pull out!...that was close! Stick to the drawing simon.


Jeroen said...

Hey Simon, what's happened to you?
We don't see you any more.
Hope you'll make it to the Tandem Christmas party so we can have a good drink, chat en make lots of wild plans about 'what to do with our blog in 2007'

Secundus said...

Free food and drink as much as you can...are you kidding me, of course i'll be there.

Paul O'G said...

Simon that is a SPIFFINGLY good cabinet there - very impressive what!

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a great cabinet!

Had you built it yourself? If so, what was the materials list, and would any plans be available ...?