Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ready and waiting

Close up of the main tower with its access hatch and Artillery piece. The Gate has been designed so it can house four Artillary pieces, enough to make any horde think twice.
Auxiliaries keep a watchful eye out for trouble, from the safety of their new home.
Detail of the breached section, showing the stone balls used to smash it down. These were made of clay left over from the walls.

With the four wall sections and the gatehouse, there will be enough to span the entire length of the gaming board. Also, with two sections placed at right angles at each end, a fort can be made on the table edge. Let the games begin!


BigRedBat said...

Very impressive indeed! Muted colours work really well, and the broken section is fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Superb work! Looking at the battered section, it occurred to me that a burnt section could be another option ...