Thursday, January 07, 2010

Almost there

Not long to go now with just a few more highlights and the white straps on the backpack to go. I decided to paint a few Shako covers in linen to add some colour variety to the unit. These are Front Rank figures and are mostly the early French range. I prefer these sculptures to the later post 1812 ones, they are just better done. They must have been a later project as I think he must of improved along the way. They will fit in fine for my Waterloo army so I'm not too bothered and I do like the variety.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They're really shaping up nicely!

RTB said...

Nice shako covers. They can be difficult to get right and you have.

BigRedBat said...

Looking good. I'm jealous; I want to paint something that isn't ancient. :-(

Robert said...

I'm a great fan of Front Rank, and I really like the pre-1812 range. These voltigeurs are great, aren't they?

FR do seem to have redone their Bardin-uniformed French infantry at some point though, which are much better than their first Napoleonic releases.

Nice work- look forward to seeing more.