Sunday, January 24, 2010

Basing the Dragoons

A Regiment of Dragoons, 16 men makes a full sized unit of four Squadrons.

I always feel a little guilty when I see other blogs with fantastic bases, knowing that for the best part, I just flock mine and have done. As I am trying to make a Waterloo Army I have gone for very muddy bases. These were easily created by flocking the base with static grass, then painting on brown paint and pushing hoof holes into the still wet PVA. Later I stuck on Silflor grass clumps to help make the ground uneven. I'm also experimenting with a brown paint and PVA glue mix, that should dry wet looking, we will have to see as It's still not dry yet. Make It up as you go along I say...whats the worst that can happen...gulp. I had better get It right before I tackle the thousands of Infantry bases. I'm thinking, If It doesn't dry wet enough, I might add a few drops of gloss varnish (Ard Coat) and see what happens.I chose the winter grass from Silflor for Its light colour, knowing that Waterloo was fought over muddy wheat fields.


dserr said...

well the detail of all that you have done shows compashion for what your trying to achive

Great Job

Andrew said...

I have those same tweezers. They're awesome, aren't they?

Secundus said...

I think Mine come from a Dentist's box of old junk. A little while back I bought a Dentist's tool box from e-Bay and they were in there.