Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying out different bases

As I have so many bases to do, I have been trying out different techniques to base them quickly. I think the one I will go for Is my tried and tested 'paint on muddy footprints method'. This looks effective and Is the quickest to do. I have the added bonus of having a range of Silflor products to help now which should enhance the bases further.

I mixed up a muddy glop with added gloss varnish for the mud on the bases, I'm not quite sure about It really, I will have to sleep on It and decide tomorrow If to keep It.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

The 'glop' sure looks wet, which is a nice effect. It would probably still look sufficiently muddy if it were flat.

I need to buy some of those grass clumps. They're fantastic. I'll need to find a source here in the US.

Doc Smith said...

I like the wet effect - I;m sure you've noticed a little 'glop' goes a long way! That Stilfor grass looks the duck's guts for basing - looks like I'll have to find a source Down Under as well!

Nice dragoons - the sculpt on the horses reminds me of Essex figures - they paint up well and touches like grass etc on the bases make them really stand out from the crowd.


hackaday said...

Hello from Greece. If you want check out my blog: http://cyglobe.blogspot.com

Secundus said...

All my French Cavalry come from First Rank Miniatures. Five years ago they were the finest Napoleonics around, these days I think the Perrys have just about topped them, But they do have a certain look all of their own.

Once you start with a range of Figures It's hard to change, i'm going to stick with First Rank for the most part I think.

Secundus said...

By First Rank I meant Front Rank...sorry.

ZeroTwentythree said...

I love the wet glop look, especially as its realistically tangled with the grass, etc. Great bases.