Monday, January 04, 2010

Skirmishing Celts...sorry Nan

Another group of skirmishing Celts join the throng. I have decided to dip all my Celts from now on unless they're somebody really important. It just means I can produce hundreds of them in a month. I'm also impressed with the quality of the stain If painted on with a brush rather than dipped. The shading looks good and in some cases, even looks better than some of my old paint work...sigh. I may use this technique for my ancient Germans and ECW ranges as well.
One tip I use is to spend a little time on the shield, the detail helps to take the eye off the simple paint work on the figure. Little Big Man studio shields are a big help here too. As you can see, I am making the most of having loads of freed up bases now the French have been moved on to bigger ones.


Consul said...

Which shade of AP do you use?

john de terre neuve said...

8 posts in 4 days, impressive! Nice site your productivity with Napoleonics is impressive. So what 2 rulesets do you like.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...
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AJ (Allan) Wright said...

These look great! I like your hand painted shields as much as the ones with the transfers. Well done.


Secundus said...

Hi Consul, these Celts were glazed with soft tone but I do tend to use the stronger tone on my next batch. I think soft tone is good for slin (light coloured horses too) and strong tone is better for clothes. Again, I will only brush it on lightly.

Hello JAM, at the moment we are looking at the Napoleon rules, they have point values and army lists which will save a lot of time for us. They both have good and bad points, only playing will tell.

小美冰淇淋Paul said...

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