Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Lone Cuirassier

Heavy cavalry doesn't get much heavier than this, a huge Cuirassier mounted on stallion from Normandy. They were known as Napoleon's 'big brothers' for good reason.

Like many cavalry horses of the eighteenth Century, this one has lost chunks of his ears from sword cuts by both friend and foe alike.


Consul said...

When I first saw this, I thought he had some 'bling' round his neck. $$$.

Secundus said...

Well he is very shiny. I wouldn't say that out loud though, he might hear you. I'd stay with me in the Infantry square where It's nice and safe.

Cronickain said...

Wonderful work! I mean the entire page not just this guy. I see pictures reminiscent of old political cartoons from the 50s. Great work!

It's Coming This Way! said...

Whoa. This stuff is amazing- made my day!

Unknown said...

great picture

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Lianne said...

you drew this?? wow! you're so talented!

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RelaxaKi said...


Dreamer said...

why upset?! :D

Matt said...

That man have good face expression

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Loki said...

That horse looks surly. Wouldn't serve it another.

Anonymous said...

was napoleon riding horses?

Doc Smith said...

A cuirassier AND his horse with attitude and a bit of tomato sauce splashed about for good effect.

Nice one.

Better start painting up some figures to go with it eh? Nice box of Perry's 'eavies perhaps? (hint, hint)

I'm quite enjoying doing mine - in two groups of eight - that's four full strength squadrons @ 50 per figure OR two under-strength 'on-the-road' job regiments! I get that AND a 12 figure one of Carabiniers from two boxes of Perrys!

So waddaya reckon? Get paintin' my son - that's the ticket! [grin]


Jay said...

Vaguely reminiscent of the old "Groo the Wanderer" comics.


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jmilesr said...

Great picture (one of you best)

I wonder if I should go about filing down the ears of mu 28mm Cuirassier mounts?

Rich Contents said...

Great work! Thats I mean all of your pages is crazy. The picture is good with title the old political cartoons.

Unknown said...

it`s great pict..
love it.