Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Fire Forge Rabble

When discussing the forces of Lake Town with a friend, there was a split decision on what to class them as. I struggle with the fact they are all militia as they fought hard and were quite effective. The answer is of course to have different troop grades within the army. Being a mix of the soldier stats and the militia stat line in Oathmark. I thought it would be good to have some proper militia bases, these once added to a unit will mark them out as being real rabble. Pitch forks etc are very easy to make out in the crush and so the poorly trained units should be easy to see at a distance.

To this end I bought two sprues of Fire Forge’s Towns folk Rabble from eBay.

You can see here the heads mix well with the Oathmark plastics and the two blend nicely together. The real bonus is you get more arms/weapons than you can use, so there’s lots left over to put onto Oathmark bodies. This creates a wealth of poses and characters.
Some of these rabble have rusty swords and I also created a few brave leaders to inspire them, I think they might need it.
Here you can see a Fire Forge Sargent has acquired a rusty scythe for cutting reeds at the edge of the lake. That was a thought of mine, a fishing town with farming implements, well, I thought these could be used for cutting reeds and making thatch etc.

Nothing says rabble like a fork!
A rather plump, self important merchant from Essex miniatures. I had bought him to lead the last group of archers, but I think he has found his place amongst the militia.
My only really little niggle is that the figures are quite basic and don’t come with any knives or pouches etc. This isn’t really a problem as green stuff is great for adding details. I also found a few knives from other sets to add to important looking characters. I plan to do my usual thing of giving some of these cloaks, furs and the like to personalise them more.

A nice set of figures with that classic angry mob vibe, perfect for Lake Town.

Oathmark head on the Fire Forge body. These plastic bases I will cut down to size when I can me to basing them on my MDF.


tradgardmastare said...

You’re mob handed now. :)

James said...

Being out on the edge of the wilderness like that there would be some trained bodies, and the town levy would probably be fairly effective. Maybe divided like Swiss levies. Young active service, training once a week on the lake shore and getting called up all the time, and then the older ones who still know what to do, they're just old, but are called out for defense.

There would be farms along the shores of the lake too. I think they're hinted at in The Hobbit. But who else is going to grow cereal crops and herd livestock?

Rob said...

Looking forward to seeing how add greenstuff 'character' to these fgures.