Sunday, January 16, 2022

Lord of the Rings Showcase

My poor phone has finally reached its limit with all my photos. So deleting thousands of WIP pictures I thought I would post some of the finished stuff on the blog again. These images show my Dwarf, Lake Town and orc army. There has been many more orc units completed since the big wide shot but you can never have too many. I have had a great time with this project and I have lost count of the years spent on them. I hope you enjoy my trip through the Battle of the Five Armies.

Dain’s tough veterans.

Dain holds back the hordes.

Wolves close in.

Cheering Dwarves, things must be going well.

Men of Esgaroth make their own stand.

Lake Town forces.

Bard the Bowman.

A trusty unit of Lake Town archers.

Beorn causes chaos.

Bodyguard of Bolg.
Lake Town hold off the Warg riders.


Aly Morrison said...

A fine looking collection indeed…

All the best. Aly

~ Tom T said...

Thank you for taking the time & effort to Showcase your assembled works. It's been a lot of Fun to watch your progress and to learn new techniques as you've discovered and experimented along the way. It is stunning to see this post with the various hosts assembled. Looking forward to a Battle of Five Armies AAR someday! Thanks for posting!
~ Tom T

Keithandor said...
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Keithandor said...

I was asking on your post of the French Voltigeur.
Would it be OK to include some of your drawings in my battle report videos ?
Check us out on you tube.
I'll add credit to you of course.

Secundus said...

Yes okay.

Keithandor said...

Thanks 👍

Rob said...

They are fabulous and I have enjoyed the WiP journey. Are any Elves coming to the rescue and what rules do you use?

Jim Jackaman said...

Now that's a proper battle and a the overall effect.