Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Senate backs Tullus! (campaign 38)

A very angry Secundus finds out that Tullus has won over the entire III Augusta in Africa and taken Carthage without a fight.

To add salt into the wound, the senate has declaired itself for Tullus and given it's full support to his cause.

More bribes next time I think......If there is a next time that is.


Anonymous said...

Looks like no-one likes Secondus much!

Anonymous said...

The gods must be angry with poor Secondus, he's not been particularly lucky so far. The corruption of those fat, wine swilling, orgy loving senate pigs, never ceases to amaze me!

I bet the map looks a little more purple now then!?

Secundus said...

Arrr yes...poor old Secundus, things have been going bad for him the moment he set foot in Gaul. He was never very good at dice and it seems the gods have turned on him.