Monday, November 13, 2006

Blood in the sand (campaign 31)

The month of August seemed to go smoothly for Tullus and started well, with his scouts capturing a baggage train belonging to Secundus. He fortified the town in Lustitania and built another in Holdrianus, the Tullus war machine looked unstoppable. With his feet firmly planted in Africa, Tullus set his sights on the city state of Carthage with it's mighty port and prepared to invade Mauretania Caesariensis. To sweeten the process of invasion, Tullus paid a bribe to the Governor, who greedily snapped it up and opened the gates to the town. However, the local tribes and their chiefs were not so easily bought and Tullus's advance force was badly mauled on entering the province. This was the first setback Tullus had come up against in his bid for the throne.

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