Monday, November 13, 2006

The new year brings death for Tullus (campaign 34)

The defected Spanish Cohorts were put straight to work on the construction of a town in Baetica, where they were to be kept under close observation for a time. They brought with them a shipment of grain they had stolen from Gaul which Secundus would come to feel the loss of, during the harsh German winter. Altogether, these three Cohorts had caused Secundus alot of trouble, something he would not forget!
With Mauretania Caeariensis under Tullus's control, the III Augusta stationed there started to enlist in Tullus's army. It wasn't long before a large vexillation was marching under the banner of the Spanish bull. Bolstered by this, Tullus marched head long into Numidia to claim it for himself. At first the Numidians offered no resistance and melted away before the army, It was only when the army was twenty miles into the Province did they attack. Attacking from both sides and cutting off any escape the Numidian horse caused havoc among the heavy Legionaries and their baggage train.
The province was finally taken with the aid of the V hispania horse, but with great loss to the advance cohorts of the VII Gemina. Tullus had lost hundreds of men for a province of dust and sand, but he was now one away from his goal....Carthage!

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