Saturday, April 23, 2011

XIIII Gemina Martia Vitrix

Here are those Praetorians I bought from eBay last week. I have converted them into Legionaries as I already have a Praetorian Cohort and can't really field two. So now they are the most Famous Legion in the Empire... the XIIII.
To show off their elite status they wear the horse hair plume on their helmets in battle. I have ordered another box of these plastics and look forward to seeing another Cohort join them.

The shield blazon was adapted from the actual XIIII Gemina Martia Vitrix re-en actors. I have always seen them in books and on TV (slightly overshadowed of course by the Ermin Street Guard), so It was nice to put all their research into my Roman collection.


Paul´s Bods said...

Me like a lot!!! The hand painted shileds are top class !!!

Ken said...

Those guys look the business!


Scutatus said...


I don't think another Cohort of ANY type was really needed, let alone a Legion - but they are fantastic. It's good to see the XIII make an appearance, I have a soft spot for them myself.

Now all we need to do is try to find room for them in the armies... Ah. :p

Scutatus said...

Bother. I missed out an I.

It's the XIIII (or indeed, the XIV). Not the XIII. Sorry.