Sunday, April 24, 2011

Operation Work Sherk.

Tiding up the Empire at last, I thought It time I caught up with that to do list. After having great success with the spray can method of quick painting, I thought I would give It a go on these cloaked Legionaries.


ljr70 said...

Love your work, both figures and drawings, very talented. For your EIR, I see you have used Warlord Games plastics, what are these and do you find they all fit together size wise? I started my EIR with BTD but stopped since it is so hard to get service here from them. Thanks.


Secundus said...

Hi Larry, I have just discovered the Warlord Plastics myself really, but i am very impressed. They tend to fit the old foundry range and many others. BTD are towards the top end on the large scale, they go well with Companion, Caesarian Foundry and new EIR Foundry mini's. I hope this helps.