Sunday, April 17, 2011

Salute 2011

I had the wonderful pleasure today to meet many of my Blog heroes, Amongst them were the brilliant model maker Paul Darnell and the skilled painter known as Saxon Dog. Saxon Dog even took the time to explain his simple but very inspirational painting technique. One that I will be defiantly using when I start my own ECW forces. This is the ECW game put on by Saxon Dog and Paul, after following Saxon's blog It was a real treat to finally see the figures in the flesh. The weird thing was, I recognised them all from his tutorials on his Blog. Another Hero of mine, Rob Broom, even recognised me from this Blog and knew my name, which was a little startling at first. It appears my Gladiator illustration about the new rule sets has gone viral and Rob wants to put it into one of his books. Well who am I to say no, It was quite an honour.


Furt said...

How great to get the opportunity to all meet. I'm sure they were honored to meet you as well Secundus!


Consul said...

Looks like a stunning table and game!

SD is a really prolific painter - I'm in awe.

Scutatus said...

That game really was something else. It caught everyone's attention as they passed, and rightly so. The camera's were going so much the poor fellows could barely actually play at all! :)

It was a great day.

And yes, we were all honoured. :)