Saturday, April 23, 2011

XIIII Gemina Martia Vitrix 1 Boudicca 0

I really enjoyed painting up the extra four men needed for the Cohort and it really showed me the beauty of these plastics. I sprayed them silver then painted the red tunic, flesh then brown for sandals etc. Dipped in the brown strong tone from AP they came up a treat. Unlike those dirty Horse archers, I did take the time to highlight the flesh and armour after dipping. Very quick and loads of fun. The shields were quite time consuming but worth It. Boudicca Is in for a big shock when she finally arrives from Norfolk.

Another thing I like about these plastics, is the fact you can turn the heads and add real variety into the units with the poses.

XIIII Stand like a wall against both Celt and fellow Roman.

These are very scary close ups but the unit does look striking on the board. I have to say that some of the poses aren't how I would have done them, but I really like these plastics from Warlord Games. For what It's worth, I think these look better glued with the head looking sideways over the shield arm as if the man is advancing. This also solves the problem of the large bases the plastics have and fitting the figures on my movement bases.


Paul´s Bods said...

Blimey...another great looking group!!! That´s the thing with plastics...the alterations you can do as you go along...

Unknown said...

with those hand painted shields, noone can beat them!

Scutatus said...

Hmm, judging by those poses it would appear that these Legionaries are following the battle instructions as laid down by Arrian, and are preparing to face cavalry using their pila as thrusting spears. Good work you men.

Get used to it though, you'll be doing a lot of that. ;)

Very striking figures Secundus - a very dramatic looking unit. said...

One thing I like about the Warlord Praetorians is that they have really different heads and a few new poses than the other WLG figures, I like how the Praetorians have softer, fleshier looking faces like they've been livin' it up in Rome instaed of living in the field.
Secundus, I love all yr work!