Sunday, April 17, 2011

14th Legion hold off eBay rabble

My table is over flowing again with ancients, which always a good sign, although most of them are from eBay. Having just discovered eBay I went a little over the top. However, after receiving a few dodgy paint jobs I have decided to slow it down. The trouble is, I thought It would save me time by buying painted figures but in fact I spend more time bringing them up to muster. Also I'm a little scarred after buying a regiment of red coats which looked great in the photos...only to discover they're not so great close up. Oh well live and learn, the Plastic Romans have changed my life and the slingers will be drummed into service soon in the Army of Syria.

I have decided to turn those Praetorian Guard into Legionaries, I already have a Cohort of Praetorians and can't justify another. Also It gives me the excuse to paint up another shield design.

This one has been influenced by the 14th Legion re-en actors. It's a little tricky but should be worth it in the end. These aren't finished yet but will have yellow lightning bolts and white wings on dark blue shields.


Messanger of Death said...

Simple Green is your friend when it comes to stripping miniatures of horrible paint jobs. And I think most of us go overboard at first when we discover ebay.

Consul said...

I spy an elephant!

BigRedBat said...

Buying painted figures on eBay can be a mixed blessing, but there are sometimes some great bargains to be had- and sometimes one meets a great painter that way!

Nice to see more Romans on the way.

Secundus said...

The elephant I got fronm eBay was really quite good. It looks lovely in the cabinet and Is a real show stopper.