Saturday, April 23, 2011

14th Gemina Martia Victrix Legion

Emblem: Eagle wings and thunderbolts.
Birth Sign: Capricorn.
Origin Of Title: Gemina from the combination with existing Legion.
Foundation: Julius Caesar.
Recruitment: Originally Cisalpine Gaul.
BATTLE HONOURS: Pannonian war, AD6-9.
Invasion of Britain, AD 43.
Invasion of Anglesey, Britain, AD 60-61.
Boudicca's Revolt, Britain, AD 60-61.
Battle of Bedriacum, Italy, AD69.
Battle of Old Camp, Germany, AD 70.
Trajan's Dacian Campaigns, AD 101 - 102 and 105 - 106.
Quadi, Iazyge and Marcomanni Wars of Marcus Aurelius, AD 161 -180.


Ray Rousell said...

Very nice!! Love the shields and I like the battle honours list!

Caliban said...

Those are well done. Good idea to base the figures on a historical unit.

airbornegrove26 said...

So many posts in one day. What a treat! Like the new labels as well.

Secundus said...

Thanks, after losing my followers i went into the design mode (something I normally stay well away from) and went nuts trying everything out.

I like the fact I can have extra pictures everywhere, very cool.

Scutatus said...

I smile when I look at this entry. It's simply the acknowledgement of their participation in the Dacian and Iazyges/Marcomanni Wars.

Oh I am going to have fun...