Wednesday, October 20, 2021


The latest batch of orcs gets a dip in Dark tone. I tried this
 technique first on the Wolf riders a little while ago. Although there maybe a little loss of detail the effect is still good. I was a little shocked to find my Dark tone was a congealed mass and wasn’t really flowing. However, I broke through the thick skin of the dip and painted on the thickened stain. Although thicker, I think it still worked. A little disappointed that the stuff doesn’t last longer but I have managed to paint a lot with it so far, so I suppose it’s not all bad.
Very quick paint jobs again with a lot of use from my new best friends…the contrast paints.
These orcs were inspired by the release of Wargames Atlantic’s goblin box coming out. I even managed to paint up a few conversations I had from a while ago using Kings of war goblins. Now with too many for my two bases, I will need to paint another eight to create a full unit of twenty four. These orcs can multiply quickly once you start painting them.

 The old Dip still seems to be working okay even if I did have to use a screw driver to reach it. 

Update; here are the remaining orcs to finish the unit. Ironically, I think using this Dark tone actually produces brighter painted models. I think it’s because I leave a lot of base colours untouched and just let the dip do the work.
I like the effect the dip has on the armour.


Paul said...

In the past I added a little white spirit to loosen it all again after removing a thick skin on mine.

Secundus said...

Thanks Paul, I tried it with some paint thinner… it didn’t really work. Maybe white spirit is the way to go, thanks.

caveadsum1471 said...

Great looking bunch of orks,in spite of your difficulty with the dip!
Best Iain

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Love the lot of these guys .. they say "essence of Orc@" to me

Secundus said...

I tried some terps tonight mixed into the Dip and it worked a treat. Saved me buying another tin anyway.