Friday, October 15, 2021

Wargames Atlantic Goblins

It feels like I’ve been waiting for these for years, well the wait is finally over and I have a box! The main thing about this box is the multitude of different heads you get, in fact it makes this box a must have for any budding orc master.

Most of my images here have been created using warlord Games orcs, Oathmark goblins and the new heads and shields from this new box. Above, the two on the right are the new goblins created straight from the box, the larger one has a body from Warlord Games and the arms from an Oathmark goblin. The head is from this new kit.

I’m not a massive fan of the way the arms go on these new releases from WA, but above we can see Oathmark arms can help with that. The good thing about the Oathmark kits is you get a lot of spare arms and these come in handy right about now.

In the background you can see the arm joints on the new WA goblins, I might add some green stuff to mine to help matters.
The heads are the best about this set by far and they are fantastic for adding more variety to units. They are styled on the artwork of the late Angus McBride, much like the ones from Warlord Games. This is a bit of a boon as it means the two sets mix very well together.
Above, warlord Games torso, Oathmark goblin spear arms, wargames Atlantic head and shield.

A large axe from the Frost grave Demon box helps give this orc a menacing look. Some of the new WA heads are quite large like here and so fit the larger torsos of other makes well.

 In the box are two spider rider torsos cut at the waist. These fit nicely with the split torsos of the Warlord Games orcs. This guy has been made in such a way. He also carries a shield from the Oathmark goblin set.

I think this new Goblin offering is a good one to have in the collection just because it gives you so many more options for variety. The arm joints to the body are a little odd maybe but this isn’t really a problem mixed with other sets on the market. You can make thirty in a box so the value for money is good for £25. The main plus of course is the amount of different heads you get in the set. All of these can be fitted onto existing ranges with a little knife work no problem.


Jim H said...

Been holding off on my goblins for this reason. I have a couple boxes of each available, now to the the WA stuff and start kit bashing! Love your stuff, keep up the solid work.

Codsticker said...

Really great kit bashing- you have achieved some great poses.

Rob said...

How big is your Orc army going to be - at least what's in the plan? Is there a plan?

Secundus said...

Haha no plan just lots of painting fun. It’s pretty big but with more plastic Oathmark orcs still to come, it’s going to be a lot bigger.I just have fun painting all the rusty, dirty armour. There is just so much character in then it’s hard to stop.