Sunday, October 31, 2021

Bugs ‘n’ Beaches

Had a couple of fun games this Sunday, one was very close to my heart… Aliens. I’m afraid the marines didn’t make it and a huge swarm of Zeno’s at the end, wiped them all out. I fancied a challenge so played the inept Lt Gorman.  He had a lucky run but it didn’t last long before he was dragged away through the vents.

Hicks takes down an Alien warrior.
The marines had to locate Newt, who was hiding somewhere. Once found she lead the squad on a merry dance trying to catch her and calm her down. Too much time was spent trying to catch her and the Aliens moved in. ‘They come at night mostly… mostly’.
Lt Gorman tried to use a smart gun but was unable to control it. This was his last act. 
I’m sure this game was invented so people can just spout ‘Aliens’ quotes for a couple of hours. ‘Game over man.. game over!’ I think it’s an important part of the game!
The next game was a board game of sorts, based around the D-Day landings. It looked very complicated at first but the combat was very simple and easy to learn. Also there was a very nice order of play that made everything bounce along nicely.

It was very scary seeing the amount of German armour appearing on the board, however, the Allies scraped a victory at the very end. A close run thing. 

There were some nice touches in this game like Allied aircraft harassing German troop movement and bombers laying down bombs on chosen areas.

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