Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Poor Old Balin

It was nice to paint up another orc unit, they are strangely addictive to do. The new plastic set from Wargames Atlantic and the idea of using Dark tone dip spurred me on. The results are grimy and dirty looking and so work very well for orcs.
The other good thing about using the Dip method is you can churn out the numbers quite quickly, hugely useful for orcs!
The smaller goblins seem amongst this latest batch are actually created using the goblin torsos from Mantic Games. Oathmark arms and heads were used on top of these and the result were smaller Snagga types. Very good for skirmishers, although I have drafted these lot into the ranks.‘Forward you maggots!’
Balin’s tomb is over run with foul orcs, is nothing sacred anymore?!
I tried out a yellowish brown skin colour this time around as well as a blue hue. I suppose it all helps to create variety in the hordes of Mordor. I quite like the yellowish skin it looks very sallow, a word often used in the books.

I can’t believe they smashed his tomb! If I know anything it’s that there will be blood over this matter. 
A game I’d love to play would be Balin’s foray to reclaim Moria. A Dwarf army pushing into rooms and halls exploring the dark. It’s quite well documented in a day to day journal and a small campaign should be easy enough to knock up.

A crush of orcs as they push forward.


Grenzer John said...

Very nicely done! I'm tempted to do this myself... but I'm holding back. I'd say "Beautiful job!" but they're orcs!
Anyway, keep it up!

Rob said...

Lovely coherent look to these - at first sight the same but there are so many tone and shade variations they really repay a close look. I am particularly fond of the orc on the left in photo 9.

James said...

Agreed. A campaign involving Dwarves and Goblins fighting in the mines would be super cool

George Duff said...

Wonderful, wonderful. You do such fine work on the orcs, I often wonder why you do anything else ...

Neil said...

Now that’s how orca should look!

Secundus said...

He is a wargames Atlantic goblin with Oathmark goblin arms. The shield is from Wargames Atlantic too.

Secundus said...

Thanks guys.