Monday, October 18, 2021

Two Sheds Fred

I treated myself to some more lovely scenery made by Two Sheds Fred last week. I bought some corn fields and a bit of terrain which I thought could be used for the ruins of Dale. Dale will be used for my Battle of Five Armies battles.

As always the models are great but I will add ink washes and grass tufts to just improve them slightly. I seem to have acquired a large stock of grass tufts over the years that I will use on the wheat fields. Also some mixed herbs scattered down to look like crushed corn might look good on the flattened areas..

A few more grass tufts will improve these slightly. These handy tiles can be laid out in random patterns. I used this same plastic door matt to create my own version of this some time ago, but I do love the dry earth ground. These look very different to the ones I made and should add some more  variety to the board. £16 for three bases.
Iron shod, hob nail boots are a bl00dy nuisance out here, look at the damage they’ve done.
Being Dale I wonder if a few Dragon breath scorch marks might be a good idea…
One of the Goblins made with some of the new bits from the Wargames Atlantic set.

The ruins of Dale is now crawling with Goblins and fowl folk. The Wolf riders scout out the old city, their mounts use their keen sense of smell to search out any unforeseen  ambushes.

Get off my land! When I saw these corn fields I thought they would be great for my ACW battles. They look very effective from low down.
The next three pictures show a bit of extra tweaking by adding more tufts. The mixed herbs will take a bit of space to do and I’ve lost my hobby table to a sewing machine at the moment, so I’ll have to wait.

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