Sunday, November 28, 2021

First Day at Warfare 2021

Blogging this after a late night drinking into the wee hours. The first day was a good laugh and we got quite a few people wanting to play the game. I didn’t really get much of a chance to look around as the game kept me busy.
I wasn’t going to take much but I thought I would bung in a box of wheat fields at the last minute, I was glad I did. I had made these years ago but never used them,  they really helped fill in flat areas of the board and helped set the C17th vibe.
Im kicking myself because I have some nice resin hay stacks that would of looked great scattered in the fields. Next time I will take them along!

This is our spot before the show opened.

The poster seems to have gone down well and a lot of people took pictures of it which was nice. It seemed to do its job in bringing people over to the game.

The Blew coats kit up for war.

The Calm before the storm.


BigLee said...

Outstanding! Pity we (the Rejects) are missing Warfare, but our calendar is a bit crowded...and our significant others would probably have had something to say had we booked another weekend for wargaming.😆

Ray Rousell said...

Brilliant looking game, what a grest idea for a scenario, like Lee said, we'd have loved to have seen this in the flesh. Are you gonna take it to any other shows?

Secundus said...

Oh yes I imagine so, it was fun to run and every time was a different result. We even won a price too which was a nice end to the weekend.