Friday, March 31, 2023

Autobot Medic

I had the idea to add some character to the bases with battle damage. I cut up bits of card to act as torn up metal.

well, his new legs ended up looking okay. The extra length seemed to match his arms so balanced out well. It's a great way to make unique warriors in the line up.
I was really struggling not to put loads of red on him, but armed with good reference, I kept to a minimum.

These two pictures ended up being the most useful. This is Ratchet from the Bubblebee film. I love the scratched, battered appearance, something I want to try and replicate.

Other versions of Ratchet.

Believe it or not there are actually websites devoted to generating names. One of these is for Transformers. This proves very useful in coming up with suitable names.
 I then split them into what I thought were good for Autobot and Decepticon. I also created categories for these bots by their size and type, as some names would fit better with bigger bots etc. 


Mr Ballista said...

I assumed those figures were kids toys about 5" or 6" tall until the pics with your fingers in them!

I remember hating it when your blog stopped being all Romans all of the time, but now I really like your assorted diversions, they always showcase the creativity and passion that makes this such a great hobby.

Secundus said...

Haha yeah I hear ya. The campaign was an interesting project until the players fell out with eachother and the game fell apart. I learnt many valuable lessons from it. The only way to do a good campaign with a interesting narrative is to do it solo. That way you can play when you like and not have the stress of organising a feud.
I'm in rented at the moment, but the big plan is to do some solo campaigns in the future of ECW when I move into my own property. Great fun can be had with the small scale counties and villages of the era. That's the dream anyway.

Mr Ballista said...

That would be awesome, hopefully fully illustrated again as well!

Secundus said...

Haha we'll see.