Wednesday, March 29, 2023

War for Cybertron

Tonight I had time to sit down and paint some heavy metal. Thunder cracker joins Stars cream and Skywarp to complete the Seeker unit. These three will make a unit of 'heavy infantry' in Xenos Rampant.

It wasn't just the Decepticons who received some love tonight. Two Autobots found themselves under the brush too. I started on one of the smaller bits to see how they paint up. I used cartoon type colours rather the live action colours to make him match the others.
I think he looks quite good and is the perfect size compared to the other robots. He has the feel of Smokescreen to him, but this was by accident. It was fun just dabbing away and making up a new character.

The Autobot fire truck took shape as well. The weathering on the metal was done using a pencil and later with a silver Sharpie for the larger marks. These robots have been fighting for years and are showing the signs of it. Their lovely paint jobs are looking very worn and battered now.

The bots are perfectly in scale with that of the cartoon.

The collection so far. I found a nice cheat was to use the 0.5mm pen to draw extra detail on the bases. This helps as intricate patterns can be quickly drawn that would take ages to cut in plasticard. It also fits with the cartoon look to the bases.

I found a website online that generates Transformer names and have now got a book full. The next step is to go through them and start giving these new characters names.

 All of the tips used for weathering armoured vehicles now come in very handy. There's no mud though on Cybertron, mores the pity.

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